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About Our Retreat

We are a small retreat that accommodates 3 to 6 guests located just north of Dallas close to where Hwy 78 from Wylie Meets Hwy 205 from Rockwall. Our retreat has a view of Lake Lavon with the many advantages of being in the country yet still close enough to the city. 

Our Retreat begins on Friday at Noon and ends Sunday at 3:00 pm. (Thursdays can be added for an additional charge)

We no longer offer a "with food" option. Our without food option has become very popular. So you will get your accommodations but no food. You still get all the amenities we have to offer only you will be responsible for your own food. You may bring your own and use the kitchen or we have some very good local places to eat or with delivery but nothing fancy. 

Rates per person are $140.00 for Friday to Sunday (Thursday can be added for an additional $20.00)


1. There is a Friday and Saturday night minimum stay.

2. There is a three person person minimum stay and a maximum of six per weekend.

3. We are a smoke free facility where smoking/ vaping is permitted outside in the designated area and we expect you to dispose of your trash properly. 

4. Guests must be 18 years or older or 16-17 years of age accompanied by an adult. 

5. No candles are allowed to be burning in any room.

6. No pets or animals of any kind. 

7. Normal wear and tear is expected - however, excessive damage to the property, its contents, or on the premises will be the responsibility of all parties involved and any repair charges must be paid within 30 days. Please let us know immediately if there are any maintenance issues that need to be addressed. 


1. Choose to attend the retreat.

2. Look at some possible dates.

3. Make sure that 2-5 of your friends are available to join you. 

4. Email, Text or Phone Carla (214-251-5905) to discuss specifics and book your dates.

5. Several weeks before your scheduled date, confirm with your party to make sure everyone is still on track. 

6. We will touch base with you, usually via text, a week before your visit to finalize a head count and get an idea of when to expect your group. 

7. The coordinator will get a door code for the group to use. Each person may choose their own bed/room or the

coordinator may assign them. 

8. Then it's time to start enjoying you crafting weekend. 


Packing for a weekend of scrapbooking is easier than you think and  shouldn't have to be a frustrating task. 

1. Decide what tools you want to bring or will need to use. Look at the list of AMENITIES that we provide for your use and leave those items at home. 

2. Select which photos to bring. Bring only the pictures that speak to you. The ones that quickly evoke emotion and bring a smile or a tear will be the ones that will inspire you and make you eager to create. 

3. Try to pre-plan your pages and only bring coordinating papers and embellishments to go with those pictures. This will save you time and help you get more accomplished during your time. 

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